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What might have been

Time Line

Time Line

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Here you can find all the parts we have written, in order.

We named the series "Highway" and it covers more than a three year period of time. The 'stories' come in various forms: Narratives, journal entries, IM, phone calls, e-mails, etc.


The original Story that started it all
Highway 01: The Strip
Highway: The Strip--Alan and Robert meet in Las Vegas and are both surprised by how things turn out.

What happens when Alan finally calls the number Robert left? Can they create a relationship out of a one night stand? Alan would like to try in
Highway 02: The Interwebs
2.1 Once Upon a Time--Recapping the meeting, fairytale style.
2.2 Getting to Know you--Las Vegas, Alan and Robert start to get to know each other.
2.3 Foretold Fortunes--Alan thinks about whats next and encounters a strange woman at the market.
2.4 Reflections of a Life Changed--Robert thinks about Gabby and Alan in a collection of Journal entries.
2.5 Perspectives--Robert thinks about his family and Alan during the holidays.
2.6 Take a Chance--Alan decides how to handle the “Robert” issue.

A risk is taken and travel arranged. How will they do now that they are spending a full four days together? Find out in
Highway 03: Transatlantic Flight Path
3.1 Choices at Midnight --Alan takes a chance with a New Year's gift to Robert. Alan does not get the response that he had hoped for.
3.2 Good Morning--Alan gives Robert a New Years Surprise.
3.3 Of Cold Toes and Warm Blankets --Robert gets cold.
3.3.5 This Little Piggy--*Special X-mas fic written 12/06 for the fans* Alan tries to break the ice with a fond nursery rhyme.
3.4 Pushing the Limits --How much is too much?
3.5 A Walk in the Park --They finally venture outside and Robert shows Alan some of his favorite places.
3.6 Kitchen Confidential--What happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen.
3.7 Union--A night of firsts and lasts.
3.8 Alan’s Confession--A whispered confession.
3.9 Ache--Alan’s visit comes to an end.

The mini-break went well and the relationship moves slowly forward. Both are still guarding their hearts, slowly letting someone else in. Find out how it works out for them in
Highway 04: Airwaves
4.1 Comforting Conversations--Alan arrives back home and misses Robert terribly.
4.2 A Resolved renewed--Robert reflects on Alan’s visit.
4.3 Kissing 101--Robert gets bored while on break and sends an IM to Alan.
4.4 Taking care of business--Robert’s IM with Alan has left him with a problem.
4.5 Late Night Arrival--Robert gets a surprise.
4.6 Now and Forever --Alan's turn for a surprise.
4.7 Connecting--Alan calls to say thank you and gets some wonderful news.

An accident and an impromptu trip proves that a little tender loving care can go a long way in
Highway 05: Collision
5.1 A March Frost--When bad news strikes, Robert finds that time stands still.
5.2 One Foot in front of the other--Robert lands in London, feeling lost as he makes his way to Alan's bedside. Stephen does his best to help.
5.3 In the Blink of an Eye--Everything can change with the blink of an eye. Robert continues to watch over Alan, and Stephen watches over them both.
5.4 The Other Home--Stephen makes sure Robert is safely delivered to Alan's place where he tries to give his exhausted body some rest.
5.5 Rise and Shine--Robert heads back to the hospital and meets some unexpected visitors.
5.5.5 Build your own Nightmare--**Special X-mas fic written 12/06 for the fans** Alan has a bad dream. Will Robert be there when he wakes?
5.6 An Evening Repast --Robert gets Alan safely home, and sees that he is happily on the road to healing.
5.7 That's What Friends are For --Robert and Alan wake up the next morning…
5.8 One for the Road --It is time for Robert to return to LA, and they stall for as long as possible.

Now that they are apart after so much closeness, will self-doubt pull them even further? Or do they have a stronger foundation than that? Find out in
Highway 06: Asynchronous Communication
6.1 Calling In --Robert arrives home and calls Alan.
6.2 Whinning and Dining--Hugh invites Robert over for dinner to discuss Alan.
6.3 Anxiety --Robert has an unexpected reaction after his dinner with Hugh.
6.4 Back to Reality - Schedule and Routine--As Alan returns to work, he see things a little differently.
6.4.5 Happy Birthday Baby--**Special X-mas fic written 12/06 for the fans* It is Robert’s birthday. What does he get?
6.5 Reflecting Reflections--Alan returns from filming and settles back into his flat.
6.6 No Fairy Tale Ending--Robert is confused about his feelings for Alan, so he gives him a call.
6.7 Telling the Family--Alan had finally told his parents about Robert.
6.8 Doubts--Alan desperately wants to know where Robert stands.
6.9 Making Arrangements--Robert and Alan settle all the plans for Robert’s visit.

Robert heads to London to appear on stage while Alan is up north filming. Then they finally get to spend some quality time together. Will they get a chance to celebrate as well? Find out in
Highway 07: Victoria Station
7.1 Post Its--Robert arrives at Alan’s flat.
7.2 from me 2 u --Alan is bored on set, so he tries to contact Robert.
7.3 Opening Night--Opening night for Robert’s new play, and there is a surprise out in the audience.
7.4 Waiting for Robert--Alan waits for Robert to come home.
7.5 Together Again--Alan finally wraps up the shoot and heads home.
7.6 Feels Like the First Time --Robert decides to try something new.
7.7 Post Coital--Alan goes hunting for Robert when he wakes to find him missing.
7.8 A Day: Three Acts --Robert and Alan take on London.
7.9 Closing Night--Robert’s final performance, Alan shows up, and they make plans.
7.10 Pub Crawling? --Robert and Alan go out to celebrate.
7.11 Losing a friend --Robert and Alan return home, Alan waits while Robert makes a hurried call to Gabby.
7.12 Running Towards Answers--Robert is sad and confused as he thinks about his future. Is Alan in it?
7.13 Cake, Cuddling, Curiosity--Will Robert ever get to find out what is in the box?
7.14 Piggy Redux--Alan’s toes face the wrath of Robert, looking for revenge from after New York.
7.15 Reflections from the Past--Alan tells Robert a story about his childhood.
7.16 Lie In --Ever have one of those days where you don’t want to get out of bed?
7.17 Shampoo--There is more than one way to say goodbye.

As Alan heads out to LA, filming on House season 4 begins. Is Robert ready for the cast to meet his new friend? Find out in
Highway 08: Pacific Coast Highway
8.1 Ten Stories Alan heard on his flight to LA --We have taken on the challenge where you take a book and every 10 pages, use the first full sentence until you have 10 sentences. We decided to do 10 100 word drabbles about Alan’s flight from London to LA, plus an extra at beginning and at the end. We used the QI book “The Book of General Ignorance.” Sentences used are at the end.
8.2 Welcome to La La Land--Alan finds Robert’s apartment and offers him a preposition.
8.3 Sandalwood--Rub a dub dub—two men in a tub (need we say more?)
8.4 A Kiss is Just Kiss--There is always time for a kiss.
8.5 Flying Elbows, Hidden Danger --Robert finds a new way to wake Alan.
8.6 Attempted Deflection--Robert tries to use spin control around the "eye issue." He fails.
8.7 A difference of Opinion --Robert tries to use spin control around the "eye issue." He fails.
8.8 Seeing Things --Alan gets an eyeful when he joins Robert on set.
8.9 The Best Part of Waking Up --They wake up with the dawn.
8.10 I Spy With My Little Eye --Lisa spies on the boys and confronts Alan.
8.11 Playing Around--Robert is practicing his guitar and gives Alan a lesson of his own.
8.12 Out With the Cast --Alan joins the cast of House for a final dinner out before he heads home.
8.13 Last Wake Up --Goodbye sex is always good.

Alan and Robert find a way to make do with IM's, until they can find a time in their schedules for a reunion. Find out how they hold up apart in
Highway 09: Data Stream
9.1 Welcome Connection--Alan and Robert reconnect.
9.2 Arrangements--Robert and Alan decide on a time to get together again.
9.3 Nice Turn of Events--Alan and Robert see how far they can get.
9.4 A Place Found --Robert finds the perfect place for his and Alan’s next vacation.
9.5 Final Arrangements--Alan and Robert touch base as Robert gets ready to head for the airport.

They meet in a cabin, far away from the world.
The heat of the fire pales to the heat of their passion.
Sizzle on over to the next chapter with
Highway 10: Co-Location
10.1 Destination Location--Once again Alan and Robert are in the same city. They are looking forward to heating things up a bit.
10.2 Home is Where the Heart is--Alan and Robert settle in, have dinner, explore, and make plans for a fun night.
10.3 Baby, Light My Fire --Alan and Robert play with fire.
10.4 Mac and Cheese--Robert and Alan brave a storm as Robert relates a childhood memory.
10.5 A Walk Through The Woods --Alan and Robert go out for a walk post-thunderstorm.
10.6 Watching, Waiting, Wishing--Alan enjoys the chance to watch Robert from the loft.
10.7 Thanksgiving Surprise --Things heat up in the little cabin.
10.8 Last Night--Things continue to heat up. Also, see prompt number (69).
10.9 Sweet Dreams are made of these--It is their last morning at the cabin. Do they spend it wisely?
10.10 The Long Goodbye --Time to wake up (again), get packing, and say their good-byes.

Alan and Robert start to adjust once again to life without the other as a constant. Will the strain be too much? Find out in
Highway 11: Error 404
11.1 Checking In --Alan’s parting words are effecting both men more than they should.
11.2 A Distant Holiday--Robert and Alan exchange e-mails over the holidays.
11.3 Happy New Year--Alan and Robert find a way to start the new year with a bang.
11.4 January 5th, 2008 --Alan is leaving soon for the set of his latest movie, and has finally made an important decision regarding his and Robert’s relationship.
11.5 Keep in Touch--Robert manages to find time for a quick promised call to Alan.
11.6 Smile--Robert attends Ethan’s movie premiere, feeling guilty about his last conversation with Alan.
11.7 Crossing the Miles-- Robert surprises Alan with a phone call and Alan surprises Robert with a suggestion.
11.8 Lies I tell Myself --Robert writes in his journal about his relationship with Alan.
11.9 Anxious Revelations--Alan lets his imagination get the better of him after an awful day at work.
11.10 Beginning of the End--Now the shit hits the fan.

Now that the guys are no longer a couple, how do they cope? Is the magnetic force between them strong enough to pull them back together? Or will it only repel them further apart? Find out how they deal in
Highway 12: Press Run
12.1 Dawning News --Robert discovers the reason behind Alan’s anger.
12.2 Empty --Alan reacts to breaking up with Robert.
12.3 Numb --Alan returns from the walk and starts to clean up, accessing his life alone.
12.4 Drinking and Dinning --Lisa tries to get to the bottom of things while she helps Robert get to the bottom if a wine bottle.
12.5 Time Keeps on Slipping--Robert talked to Kat, and now he misses Alan more than ever.
12.6 Off day--Robert is having problems focussing on his script with Hugh.
12.7 Of confessions and pizza --It is now Hugh’s turn to try to help Robert.
12.8 Giving in, Giving up?--Robert reflects in his journal how things stand with Alan.
12.9 Whipped --Hugh and Lisa discuss Robert.
12.10 Waterfalls--Alan gets a letter from his sister, which makes him think about things he would rather forget.
12.11 No More--Alan writes in his journal about his current feelings towards Robert.
12.12 Loud Silences-- Robert phones Alan and is surprised when his call is finally answered.
12.13 Drowning --Alan has to get away for awhile after the phone call.
12.14 The Watercooler --Stephen tries to find out why Alan is passed out on his sofa.
12.15 Glass Houses--Stephen decides to have a little chat with Alan.
12.16 Making Amends --Alan dreads the first QI meeting and facing Stephen after their last encounter.
12.17 Running Out of Steam --Robert rediscovers the joy of a good run and a day off.
12.18 Family Matters --Alan’s sister swings by for a visit.
12.19 Old Friend--Some things are always worth a risk.
12.20 Detour--Robert runs into a familiar face.
12.21 Blackberry Pear Muffins --Time for Robert to visit his parents! Will he say what he came there to say?
12.22 Leaving on a Jet Plane --Robert finally flies to London, in search of a future with Alan.

Will Alan and Robert be able to build back up the walls of their fragile relationship? Or are the cracks too deep and too widespread? Find out if they can keep it together in
Highway 13: Reconnecting
13.1 Back at the Beginning--Robert and Alan finally meet face to face, what happens next is up to both of them.
13.2 Cold Oatmeal--Morning comes and tensions are illuminated.
13.3 Balancing Act --After a day of shopping, Robert takes on the kitchen.
13.4 Brought to you by the letter 'F' --Dinner is eaten, flatulence is discussed, and feelings are touched upon.
13.5 Falling Again --The boys skip dessert.
13.6 Good Day Sunshine--Robert and Alan wake up and quickly find a way to go back to sleep.
13.7 Out and About--Robert and Alan spend a day out on the town.
13.8 Quite Interesting --Robert goes with Alan to the final QI taping and meets some of the panelists.
13.9 Moonlight Serenade --Robert gets a late-night craving and Alan investigates.
13.10 Crack of Dawn --Alan and Robert get ready for their vacation to Portugal.

Alan and Robert reach their vacation destination. With many things still needing to be said between them, will they still be able to find some enjoyment in Portugal? Find out in
Highway 14: Reconnected
14.1 Where We Belong --Alan and Robert finally arrive in Portugal.
14.2 Touch Me In The Morning --Alan and Robert have a pleasant start to their vacation by reacquainting themselves with each other.
14.3 Sense of Home --Alan struggles with keeping a sense of home with Robert as he prepares dinner.
14.4 Showered With Love--With Alan by his side, Robert finally ventures to use the outdoor shower. With company, of course.
14.5 A Moo for You --Robert and Alan explore the countryside and their relationship.
14.6 Time to Raise the Curtain --Alan breaks out the video that he had been saving for a special occasion.
14.7 Words to Thoughts--Robert tries to find some perspective on the recent events.
14.8 Panic--Alan comforts Robert when he has a difficult night.
14.9 Picnic--Alan and Robert decide to go for a picnic.
14.10 Catching a Late Night Read --Alan and Robert are unable to sleep, so Alan asks Robert to read to him.
14.11 Pool Party Picnic --Alan finally decides to try out the pool.
14.12 All Good Things Must Come to an End--Sadly, the guys’ vacation is over with.

Vacation is over and time to readjust to real life before Robert returns to New York. Read more in
Highway 15: Demarc
15.1 Heading Home --It's early morning by the time the guys land back in London from their Portugal vacation.
15.2 You Make Bathtime So Much Fun --Alan is feeling under the weather, so Robert draws him a bath.
15.3 Foreign Comforts--Robert takes care of a few things while Alan sleeps.
15.4 Ring Tones --Phone calls bring both happy news and changes for Alan’s future.
15.5 Cats, Conversations, and Conspiracies --Robert and Alan have dinner at Traci’s.
15.6 Leaving is hard to do --Each time, it gets harder to say goodbye.

Robert and Alan are apart again and both hard at work before Alan heads back to the States in
Highway 16: Business Loop
16.1 Callus Interuptus--Robert arrives in New York to several missed calls on his answering machine.
16.2 Trying My Best --Robert’s parents discuss.
16.3 Of Cut Curls and Lonely Evenings--What happens when it is too late for Alan to phone Robert? He writes a letter, of course!
16.4 Pen to Paper --Robert takes a few moments at the end of a busy day to put his thoughts down on paper.
16.5 Let's Make a Deal --Stephen calls Alan to a posh restaurant for several discussions.
16.6 Time to Let go --Alan gets a distressing phone call and needs to make one of his own.
16.7 Leveling--Robert gets some exciting news that he can’t wait to share.
16.8 November Showers --Alan gets all prepared for his trip to LA.

Robert and Alan reunite in Californina. Catch their adventures and misadventures in
Highway 17: Roadside Attraction
17.1 The Left Coast--Alan arrives in LA and Robert is looking forward to seeing him again.
17.2 Coming Together--What do Alan and Robert do with what remains of their first night back together?
17.3 Heated Glances and blown takes--Alan goes to the set with Robert and gets in touch with old friends and meets a new one.
17.4 Restless Musing--Alan wakes from a bad dream and finds a way to fall back to sleep.
17.5 Friendly Ties --Alan needs to help Robert take his mind off of the looming Thanksgiving Day.
17.6 Three Stories--Thanksgiving is a time of family. And the stress that goes with them. Alan finally gets to meet Robert’s family.
17.7 I'll Stop the World and Melt with you --A stressful day finally comes to a close.
17.8 Planning Ahead --Alan tries to help Robert get to sleep.
17.9 Embracing the Dawn--Alan goes out for a pre-dawn run to help clear his head.
17.10 Joy of Shopping--Joy goes shopping.
17.11 Nothing Says 'I Love You' Like a Sugar Cookie--The guys spend their last day together baking. Among other things.

Christmas in NYC, Alan brings Traci along. See how Traci does during her first visit to the big city in
Highway 18: Tourist Stop
18.1 Reflection and Recollection--Traci puts pen to paper to write a journal entry before her big trip with Alan to New York.
18.2 It's a Wrap --Robert’s days of House are over.
18.3 The Davies Have Landed --Robert welcomes Alan and Traci into his apartment.
18.4 Back in Your Arms Again --It is bedtime in New York.
18.5 Attempted Lie In--Traci gives the boys a wake up call.
18.6 Grand Tour --Traci, Alan, and Robert take Manhattan.
18.7 An Adult Fairy Tale--Traci asks the boys how they met.
18.8 No Where Else I'd Rather Be --It’s Christmas morning!
18.9 Cutting Edge--Traci gets her way.
18.10 Cocoa and Conversations--Two conversations over cocoa.
18.11 Goodbye to You--Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Apart again, Robert and Alan do their best to keep in touch in
Highway 19: Rest Stops
19.1 Healing--Wilson’s untimely death brings about a very timely phone call.
19.2 Not Soon Enough --Wilson’s death makes Alan worry.
19.3 Some Things Never Change --Robert recounts his lunch with his mom to Alan.
19.4 Passing Time--It is Robert’s birthday and Alan gives him a call.
19.5 Afternoon Delight--Now it is Alan’s birthday. What does he ask Robert for?
19.6 Italian Lessons--Robert and Alan talk about Italian movies.
19.7 Post Press Stress Syndrome--Robert is tired of all the interviews and the personal questions he keeps getting asked.
19.8 Voicemail Hell--Alan tries to get a hold of Robert.
19.9 Juice Break--Alan and Robert catch up a bit as Robert prepares to move back to New York.
19.10 The Impatient Patient--Not even a cold can keep Alan from whining about getting Robert to hurry up his visit.
19.11 And Take Off--Robert is finally on his way and Alan can’t wait!

Alan and Robert are finally spending some much needed time together. Will Alan finally ask the question that has been on his mind for ages? And, more importantly, how will Robert respond? Find out in
Chapter 20: End of the Road
(Coming eventually soon!)

Other stories/drabbles - not part of time line
100th posting - Drabbles
Complete co-claim celebration Drabbles

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  • I just remembered about this fic when I was looking at my memories. WIll there ever be more? It was a fun read :)
    • Well, we do hope to get back with things at some point. We have about a third of the next 10 parts for Chapter 20 done, but then we hit a major roadblock and can't seem to get past it.

      We do miss writing about the boys and feel bad for leaving them hanging, so to speak. We are both doing NaNo, which should hopefully get the writing juices flowing again!

      Nice to see you still interested!
  • This blog is bookmarked! I really love the stuff you have put here.

  • This blog is bookmarked! I really love the stuff you have put here.

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